Mari Ose

MariOse is possibly one of the most energetic and colorful artists you will ever experience. Her distinctive voice excels in several genres, with the use of a variety of singing techniques and writing that covers an ocean full of different styles.

She started performing on many of her hometown Bergen’s stages, including at Bergen's very first Drive-In concert, the "I SEE HUMANS" festival and at the grand opening of the Media City Building in Bergen. MariOse is currently recording her debut album, and she is ready to show the world what her creative mind is capable of. 

On stage, MariOse is a lion. Her artistic persona and creative mind has an enormous power, combined with a completely unique voice. Not only is she a phenomenal songwriter and a badass singer, but she is also a talented visual artist, designer and creator, and her self-designed outfits complete the originality of her energetic stage performances. She is completely unique in all her artistic endeavors, which is also reflected beautifully in her paintings. MariOse's creative abilities are apparent in almost every artistic field, and there are few things this lion doesn’t achieve. MariOse's recorded music will soon be available for your listening pleasure, and you would do well not to miss the chance to see her live on stage.


MariOse is a phenomenon worth experiencing.

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